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T S Swapna., M.Sc., Ph.D


Department of Botany

University of Kerala

Dr. T S Swapna did her Doctoral Research from the Department of Biotechnology, Cochin University of Science and Technology. The Post-doctoral research was done by her in the University of Paul Cezanne, Marseille, France. She has over twenty four years of Research, Teaching experience and guiding students in Post Graduate, M Phil, and Ph.D. level. The areas of her research include but are not limited to; Plant tissue culture, In vitro secondary metabolite production, medicinal plant conservation and Phytochemistry. She has more than 120 research papers and 13 books published and presented papers in nearly 180 National and International Seminars and Conferences in the above stated areas. She has successfully completed research projects funded by the Department of Environment and Climate Changes, Western Ghats Cell, UGC, KSCSTE, etc. Six PhDs were awarded under her guidance. She is also interested in Nutritional green leafy vegetables of Kerala as well as underutilized lesser-known fruits and tubers and their conservation along with their sustainable utilization. She is also mentoring students for translational research and developing natural products. She had also performed the duty of a Principal Scientific Officer (on deputation), in Kerala State Biodiversity Board and currently is a member of the Kerala State Biodiversity Board.


Dr T S Swapna is actively involved in the documentation and conservation of biodiversity with a vision that involves sustainable utilization of bioresources for the development of society.

Chinmayee M. Devi and T.S. Swapna (2022) Weed plants: A boon for remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil, in  Phytoremediation Technology.....

Riyas Chakkinga Thodia , Junaida M. Ibrahimb , Achuthsankar S. Nairb and Swapna Thacheril Sukumaran (2022) Exploring the potent inhibitor b-stigmasterol from Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq....

Athira V Anand and T S Swapna (2022) Antineoplastic efficacy of Smilax wightii A.Dc. (Smilacaceae) and its steroidal sapogenins.....

Riyas Chakkinga Thodi., et al., Rutaretin10-(600-sinapoylglucoside): promising inhibitor of COVID 19 mpro catalytic dyad from the.....

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