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book rice cover page 978-3-659-30835-2-1.jpg

Generation of variability for salt tolerance in rice using tissue culture techniques.

Authors; T. S. Swapna & Padma Nambisan

Publisher; LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany (2013)

ISBN 978-3-659-30835-2

Phytochemical and nutritional evaluation of Talinum portulacifolium (Forssk) Asch ex. Schweinf.

Authors; T S Swapna & Anu L

Publisher; LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany (2014)

ISBN 978-3-659-59185-3


Nutritional and Phytochemical evaluation of Diplazium esculentum.

Authors; T S Swapna & Archana

Publisher; LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany (2016)

ISBN 978-3-659-91551-2

In vitro.jpg

In vitro propagation and phytochemcial screening of Ruta graveolens.

Authors; T S Swapna & Chippy S L

Publisher; LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany (2017)

ISBN: 978-3- 330-32405-3


In vitro studies and phytochemical evaluation of Bidens biternata.

Authors; T S Swapna & S Pradesh

Publisher; LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany (2018)

ISBN: 978-613-9-58537-3

Heavy metal.jpg

The effect of heavy metal stress on two species of Alternanthera

Authors; T S Swapna & Devichinmayee

Publisher; LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany (2017)

ISBN: 978-613-3-99550-5

Vitex negundo.jpg

In vitro culture and phytochemical analysis of Vitex negundo.

Author; T S Swapna

Publisher; LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany (2018)

ISBN: 978-613-5-84966-0


Vanda- A reservoir of bioactive molecules with cosmetic and pharmaceutical application.

Authors;  T. S., Aswathy, S. Swapna

Publisher; LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany(2019)

ISBN; 978-620-0-47096-6


Plant Metabolites: Methods, Applications and Prospects (2020) Editors; Swapna Thacheril Sukumaran, Shiburaj Sugathan, Sabu Abdulhameed.

Publisher; Springer publishers, Singapore

Hard cover ISBN 978-981-15-5135-2,

e Book ISBN 978-981-15-5136-9,

DOI 10.1007/978-981-15-5136-9.


1.     Chinmayee M. Devi and T.S. Swapna (2022) Weed plants: A boon for remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil, in  Phytoremediation Technology for the Removal of Heavy Metals and Other Contaminants from Soil and Water, edited by Vineet Kumar, Maulin P. Shah, Sushil Kumar Shahi , Elsevier publishers, UK , 127-138 ISBN: 978-0-323-85763-5

2.     Riyas Chakkinga Thodia , Junaida M. Ibrahimb , Achuthsankar S. Nairb and Swapna Thacheril Sukumaran (2022) Exploring the potent inhibitor b-stigmasterol from Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq. leaves against snake venom phospholipase A2 protein through in vitro and molecular dynamics behavior approach, TOXIN REVIEWS, Published online: 05 Jan 2022., 1-14. ISSN-1556-9543 (print); 1556-9551 (web). Impact factor- 2.27

3.     Athira V Anand and T S Swapna (2022) Antineoplastic efficacy of Smilax wightii A.Dc. (Smilacaceae) and its steroidal sapogenins:  in vitro to in silico approaches (2021) Journal of Applied Biological Sciences (web of science) E-ISSN: 2146-010816(1): 1-12, 2022, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5823038

4.    Gopika Baiju B S, Lekshmi S, Swapna T S (2021) Evaluation of nutritional, phytochemical and anti-diabetic properties of two underutilized leafy vegetables Basella alba L. and Basella rubra L., International Journal of Botany Studies, Volume 6, Issue 6, 2021, Page No. 433-437, ISSN: 2455-541X

5.    Lakshmi M.V. and Swapna T.S (2021) Phytochemical and Pharmacological Perspectives of Memecylon randerianum S.M. Almeida & M.R. Almeida: A Mini Review, Indian Journal of Natural Sciences Vol.12 / Issue 68 / October / 2021 ISSN: 0976 – 0997

6.    Lakshmi M.V. and Swapna T.S (2021) A computational study on Cosmosiin, an antiviral compound from Memecylon randerianum S.M. Almeida & M.R. Almeida, Medicinal Plants Vol. 13 (3), September 2021, 515-523, doi : 10.5958/0975-6892.2021.00059.9 ISSN 0975-4261,

7.    Riyas Chakkinga Thodi, Junaida M. Ibrahim, Vivek Arinchedathu Surendran, Achuthsankar S. Nair, and Swapna Thacheril Sukumaran (2021) Rutaretin10-(600-sinapoylglucoside): promising inhibitor of COVID 19 mpro catalytic dyad from the leaves of Pittosporum dasycaulon miq (Pittosporaceae), Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, Impact factor-3.39,   , Print ISSN: 0739-1102 Online ISSN: 1538-0254

8.    Riyas C T and T S Swapna (2021)  Metabolic profiling through GC-HRMS analysis of ethnomedicinal species Pittosporum dasycaulon MIQ. (Pittosporaceae),  International Journal of Botany Studies,  Volume 6, Issue 4, 2021, Page No. 19-27,  ISSN: 2455-541X

9.    Niveditha k and Swapna T S (2021) Cellulose-Plant Based Biopolymer, in Biomass, Biofuels, Biochemicals Biodegradable Polymers and Composites - Process Engineering to Commercialization, Ed by  P Binod, Sindhu R and A Pandey, published by Elsevier Publishers, 53-74, ISBN: 978-0-12-821888-4

10.    Lekshmi  M V and T S Swapna (2021)  Memecylon randerianum: A natural source of bioactive phytochemicals,  International Journal of Botany Studies, 6(2) 577- 581,  ISSN: 2455-541X ( Web of Science listed)

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