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Dr. Swapna's lab has two ongoing research projects funded by DST-SERB and KSCSTE. In addition, we have successfully completed 14 research projects that were funded by various funding agencies such as UGC, KSCSTE, Western Ghats Cell, Directorate of Environment and climate change and University of Kerala.  

Ongoing Project


Project fund 37,40000 INR

Bioprospecting and in vitro propagation for sustainable utilization of two selected RET listed medicinal plants Piper barberi and Smilax wightii


Ongoing Project


Project Fund 10000 INR

Evaluation of pharmacological properties of Spatholobus parviflorus (Roxb.Ex. Dc) Kunhtze


Projects for Institutional Infrastructure 

Role; Head of the Department

As the Head of the Department of Botany, made constant attempts to raise fund from University of Kerala university for providing better infra-structure and improved research facilities in the department. 

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