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Our Team.

The thrust area of our research includes, Plant tissue culture, In vitro secondary metabolite production and medicinal plant conservation. Also involved in the documentation and conservation of biodiversity with a vision that involves sustainable utilization of bioresources for the development of society

Ongoing PhD 
Athira V Anand.jpg

Athira V Anand

Title:- Bio prospecting of a Rare Medicinal Plant Smilax wightii A.DC

Lakshmi M V.jpg

Lakshmi M V

Titile: Evaluation of Pharmacological Properties and In vitro Secondary Metabolite Production in Memecylon randerianum S.M.Almeida & M.R.Almeida


Lekshmi S

Title: Evaluation of Medicinal Properties and Screening of Bioactive Molecules in
Memecylon randerianum S.M.Almeida & M.R.Almeida


Riyas C T

Title: Phytochemical evaluation of Pittosporum neelgherrense Wight and Arn; -An Ethnomedicinal plant Western Ghats

Nivedita K.jpg

Niveditha K

Title: Biologically designed tissue constructs for engineering tendon



Title: Anti-biofilm activity of bioactive compounds from selected ethnobotanical plants against Streptococcus spp


Vivek A S

Title: Phytochemical validation and Bio prospecting of the Piper barberi Gamble. - from Southern Western Ghats

Sreedevi M J.jpg

Sreedevi M J

Title: Evaluation of morphological, biochemical and molecular variations in Phaseolus vulgaris L. under saline stress


Soorya S

Title:- Development of molecular marker for the sex determination in Palmyra palm

Ph.D. Awardees
Dr Archana single.jpg

Dr. Archana G Nair


Dr Pratheesh.jpg

Dr. Pradeesh S

Assistant Professor, PG & Research 
Department of Botany, MG College, Kesavadasapuram, Trivandrum.

Dr Devi Chinmayee.jpg

Dr. Devi Chinmayee M

Assistant Professor 
Sree Ayyappa College for Women 
Chunkankadai , Nagarcoil 
Kanyakumari 629003

Title; Nutritional and phytochemical evaluation of Diplazium esculentum (Retz.) Sw.- (2015)

Title: Tissue culture studies and phytochemical evaluation of Bidens biternata (Lour.) Merr. & Sheriff - an ethno medicinal plant- (2015)

Title: Studies on the effect of heavy metal stress on two species of Alternanthera”  -(2017)

Dr Sangeetha G.jpg

Dr. Sangeetha G

Assistant professor

Department of Botany

T.K.M College of Arts & Science

Kollam 691005

Dr Mary Sheeba.jpg

Dr. Mary Sheeba A

Assistant Professor

Department of Botany

Ma Ivanios College


Dr Nikhila GS.jpg

Dr. Nikhila G S

Title;- In vitro culture and Production of Secondary Metabolites from Pseudarthria viscida (L.) Wight & Arn- (2018)

Title;- Comparative evaluation of heavy metal tolerance in Amaranthus spinosus L and Amaranthus viridis L., (2018)

Title;- In vitro studies and secondary metabolite production in an important medicinal plant- Gloriosa superba L.” -(2018)

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